About Halvaei Trading Company

Founded in the year 1999 by Mohammad Reza Halvaei, the current President of the company, we have over 20 years of experience in the importing and distribution in cosmetics market. We operate with a lean mindset and couple this with a wide reaching distribution team and extensive network. Present day, we represent a number of major brands in the perfumery, hair care and skin care market across Iran. These brands include Paris Bleu, Marco Serussi, Montagne Jeunesse and GAP Professional. All of these brands cater to rhe extremely large and successful mid-market demographic in Iran. Over the years we have developed our offices and branches across the nation in order to support and augment our vast sales network. Currently we have approximately 200 personnel as part of our ever-expanding team, 140 of which belong to our sales department. Our penchant for growth is constantly in place, and aim to be Iran`s top distributors in our respective markets in the very near future.